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Freshwater Phil's hair rigs for carp fishing

Hair rigs are one of carp fishing's greatest innovations. Using a hair rig will greatly increases your hookup ratio, and allow you to fish for carp with baits that don't work too well on a hook, such as boilies. Hair rigs are the most popular carp fishing rig due to their efficiency at hooking carp.

Professionally tied using exceptionally sharp, premium quality, Gamakatsu G carp hump back hooks, 50 lbs Power Pro superbraid line, and heavy duty swivels for quick and easy attachment to your mainline.
Gamakatsu hooks Power pro fishing line

Hair rigs come 5 per package, with free shipping in Canada and the USA. Price is $14.99 per package.
*Bulk orders of 50 hair rigs available at a discounted rate.

In order to properly rig the hair with boilies or particle bait, a baiting needle is required.
Bait stops are the most popular way to secure your bait to the hair rig.

Baiting needle for carp fishing with hair rigs Bait stops for carp fishing with hair rigs

For an additional $5.00, you'll get a baiting needle, and 99 bait stops as well. Please be sure to select the additional option if required.

Start catching more carp, order now!

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Here is a short instructional video clip showing how to mount bait onto a hair rig:

If you have any questions, comments or need some information, I'll be more than happy to get back to you.

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